Intensive yoga training four 4 Months:


Your personal yoga training

Awaken your hidden potential with Yoga

and embark on a new path in life

according to your needs.

Intensive Yoga Ausbildung 

über 4 Monate:

Selbstwirksames Yoga

Deine persönliche Yogaausbildung

Erwecke mit Yoga deine verborgen Potenziale und schlage so einen neuen Lebensweg nach deinen Bedürfnissen ein.

Erwecke mit Yoga deine verborgenen Potenziale und schlage so einen neuen Lebensweg nach deinen Bedürfnissen ein.

With these four steps you will learn your true yoga
Self-Effective Yoga
and how to be your best.


We research your life

and do a check-up

We look at how you are and where you are, what is inside you and above all what dream, longing or unfulfilled potential you want to awaken.


We create your master plan and how to integrate
into your everyday life.

You determine the most important areas of your life.
You will learn to use yoga to gain more strength and clarity in your life direction.


Learning by doing
find everything you need to know about your yoga

You will learn about the practice, effects and possible combinations of asanas, pranayamas, meditation and relaxation techniques.
the theory of yoga, the eightfold path, the body-mind-spirit system
and the regulatory mechanisms of the body


Make yoga a permanent part of your life
to stay in the flow, to get closer
to your new dream life every day
and enjoy your life

You will learn how to integrate yoga as an integral part of your life.
I'll show you how to easily stay TUNED in each of YOUR very individual situations; I'll talk you out of one excuse or another, so that nothing stands in the way of your inner freedom and self-responsibility.

Wie sieht unsere Zusammenarbeit aus?


Throughout this training you will be able to join the online yoga classes via ZoomCall. I will be correcting you personally and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your personal experiences, which I will be happy to discuss. There will also be a Facebook group, which I will be moderating, where you can interact with like-minded people.

One-to-one interview

We arrange a one-to-one meeting to find out where you are and where you want to go. You will be given a clear structure for the time of this personal training.

Self-empowerment yoga

I will help you to create your own personal yoga plan, to integrate self-effective yoga into your life in a meaningful way, so that you remain in your strength and clarity.
You will formulate clear intentions and have the opportunity to realise yourself.
You are awake and clear and know what you need to do for yourself.

Video Lessions

You will have access to all the video lessons in which you will learn the explanations of the performance and effects of Asanas, Pranyamas, Meditations, their uses and composition. I share the knowledge of bandhas, mudras and nadis. All about yoga theory, the eightfold path of yoga and how to apply this ancient knowledge to your modern life.

Self Effective Yoga in Your Life:

With my programme you will learn to use your yoga practice as a medium to get to know yourself better.
Learn to use your yoga practice as a tool to
to change something in you
Learn to deepen yourself through yoga.

Who is Self Effective Yoga for?

Self-effectiveness yoga is for you...

  • if you want to know all about yoga
  • If you want to bring more meaning, joy and health to your life through yoga
  • If you want to change your life with yoga
  • if you love your freedom

Self-efficacy is NOT for you...

  • if you already know all about yoga
  • when there are no more adventures to be had
  • If you think yoga only happens on a rubber mat
  • when you think there is nothing more to learn about yoga

After our collaboration...

  • With Self-Effective Yoga you have a strong foundation to make a real difference in your life.
  • With Self-Effective Yoga you have a strong foundation to make a real difference in your life.
  • wYou will learn all about self-effective and true yoga and how to apply it to yourself.
  • You can practice yoga anywhere and freely, knowing exactly what you need and how to do it.

Lars Ehrhardt

Lars Ehrhardt 

Yoga teacher for nearly twenty years,
full-time and professionally.
With over 15,000 hours of teaching, 12 years as a certified yoga teacher, many yoga retreats and workshops worldwide and over 1000 students, I have the experience to meet you where you are so you can move forward.

What are your next steps?


Arrange a personal meeting with me

Arrange a personal meeting with me


Short presentation

In this preliminary talk we get to know each other and decide together if the intensive yoga master class is right for you.
Yoga Master Class is right for you. If so, we will make an appointment for your first consultation with Lars Ehrhardt.


Our first meeting

Here I will ask you specific questions to see where you currently stand. Then we will draw up a plan on how you can integrate this course into your everyday life, so that you can benefit from it in the long term.

Self Effective Yoga
Learn your true yoga now
start now